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Tue August 20 2019 Charity News By Mike Martin

Help The Raleigh NC Richardson Family Through Their Grief With This Fundraising Campaign For Daughter

Raleigh, NC - A new GoFundMe campaign has been launched on behalf of the Richardson Family in Raleigh, NC, by their local church. The church is running the campaign as the family fell on hard times on Monday, 4/1 at 2:15am, when their daughter passed away due to medical complications with her lungs.

More information can be found at:

The family suffered immense sadness, loss, grief and heartbreak on this day when their one-year-old Ariana was taken too soon. The church was able to get some donations to help with the funeral costs and the soon-to-be medical expenses, but it isnt enough.

As the family try to come to terms with their loss and gain understanding of their life, they need additional help. The local community is one that pulls together in hard times, and the church is doing everything it can to help the Richardson family.

As part of this commitment to come together in love, compassion and care, the church is reaching out to provide further assistance for the family.

They are appealing for donations for the GoFundMe campaign, and emphasize that every little helps. Each donation ensures that the community is strong and loving, and provides help for the family as they work their way through this stressful and emotional time.

The church states: Ariana became one of Gods angel at only 1 years old and will forever watch over her mommy and daddy and show them love in Heaven. The father is an army veteran and a police officer. So we are reaching out to our emergency services family as well.

As a token of appreciation, gifts will be sent out for every domination. For those who donate $1-5, a personalized card will be provided. Those who offer $6-10 will get a charm, while $11-15 donations will receive a handcrafted bracelet.

Anyone donating $16-20 will receive a hand crafted necklace, and this who donate more than $21 will get a combination of all of the above as a show of appreciation.

Full details of the campaign are available on the URL above, and everyone is encouraged to share the campaign on social media.

For more information, visit: