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Tue July 23 2019 Healthcare News By Mike Martin

VisionMate Foundation - A humble beginning to the Initiative of Eradicating Corn

Banashankari,Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - On 27th September 2017 VisionMate Foundation an NGO took the pledge to work towards eradicating blindness due to corneal opacity. In a span of two months the website equipped with the model to maintain the profiles of volunteers who wish to donate their eyes was set up.


The platform to campaign for the initiative is through a web application platform where campaigners are invited to register to campaign for eye donations among their social and professional network. The campaigning procedure is automated where eye pledge registrations happens through driving visitors to the registry (website platform) via various sources.

People willing to be a donor but do not want to be a volunteer for campaigning can also register / pledge and data will be maintained on the software platform without any fee. The donations collected from companies through the CSR initiatives, Grants and others sources are the sources of funds for Campaigning, Maintaining the software platform and eye transplant surgeries.

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